Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I am obsessed with being successful...

Feeling productive
 Solving the problems that might be standing in the way of my feeling and achieving my purpose, being human, not a human doing. 
 I want to empower students to be happy, productive, and successful, To dream, believe, & achieve 
 In the now and for the future.
 I want students to realize that they can start achieving success, NOW! 
 That everyone around them will recognize their success and that carries them forward and 
upward into their future. 
 Positive attention, input, to create success and will make them feel happiness; self- gratification, 
feel elated! 

 Students have to be in a positive state of focused calmness, receptiveness, Ready to receive what is given and received, 
 Students need to be able to receive what teachers give 
 to enrich the possibly of their futures. 

 Thinking deeper, farther, independently, 
 For independence and success, feeling accomplished 
 leads to self-worth, which leads to happiness and higher self-esteem. 
 If a student comes into class: 
 They enter the room unfocused; unable to receive. 
 The teacher has to divide herself into multiple pieces, wear multi-hats, function in a single moment, multiple rolls in one exact moment. 
 Students need to come in and be in class to receive, learn, move forward and increase possibilities for their future! 
 Find themselves and a way to be productive, participate, and give to society. 

Rules, limitations, and boundaries are for all people in society 
 at all times throughout life, 
 They help support being respectful to all and everything, 
 Rules, limitations, & boundaries foster safety, organization, For success of all: 
 Every student, teacher, school, and district! 

 Motivate and inspire! 
 How can educators do that? 
 What state of mind do we, educators, need to bring to class? 
 What state of mind do students need to bring to class? 
 How can the focus be moved to an open state of mind of receiving learning? How can this be achieved? 
 How can we motivate and inspire? 

 Students do have power within their learning experiences. 
 They are making decisions every single moment, 
 Be it to turn on receiving instruction or 
turn-off, fight, interrupt, resist instruction. 
 How can we interact with and direct students who chose to turn off? 
 What happens to the other students that are in the class, also? 

 Empower in a positive way, 
 Are you, the student, asserting your personal power in a positive way? 
 Are you, the student, getting what you want from me? 
 My job isn't to do your work for you, 
 Scaffolding doesn't mean that I do it for you! 
 Teachers are there to coach, motivate, inspire, guide, model, assist, and help you find your way to your best "self". 

 Stubborn, passive, resistant, disrespectful, defiant, anti-authority, fearful attitudes stand in the way of receiving positive, supportive, constructive instruction and guidance. 
 All adults are the enemy! 
How can this attitude be worked with, overcome? 
 Semantics - time out or recovery? 
 How can we help those who 
 put their attitude "out there" confrontationally, 
 Before we can even begin the teaching process with the class? 

 How can we get quite, continuous autofocus so that  
Learning happens? 

 Listen the song "Beautiful Dreamer" 
Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, 
 Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee 
 Lulled by the moonlight 
 Have all passed away… 
 Beautiful dreamer, dream of my heart 
 List while I woo thee"… 

 Long live imagination! 
 If students create dreams, and they are shown to believe it, they can achieve whatever it is that they want for themselves. 
 Students can be more than what they are now. 
 They can learn that there are no limits, no closed doors, 
nothing standing in the way of them becoming 
productive, successful, happy members of society. 

 Thoreau wrote: Go confidently in the direction of your Dreams! Live the life you've imagined.

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