Tuesday, 19 June 2012

#10- Underneath it All-Digital Citizenship

I looked at Janie Livingston"s and Sandy Zarea's post on this because they have been working at this for a while. I liked Janies: (1) Establish Clear Expectations and (2) Personal Responsibility. Sandy's three:

      Three things I want my students to understand:
1. The Internet is a wonderful research tool, but you must double or triple check the information and use multiple sources.
2. Any information that is put on the Internet can come back to "haunt" you in various ways, personally and professionally.
3. There are many different types of cyber-bullying, and it is not appropriate in any form.

I will use this to help create my direction for instruction.
I am putting a link to the district chart and might have assign students certain links to view and report what they learned to the class. They need to learn to form their own opinions and express them.

Digital Citizenship responsibilities need to be at the forefront of beginning to use the Dell Netbooks and iPads, as well the computers in the lab.


  1. You are making great progress. Almost done.....

  2. This is a great site for ready made lessons on cyber citizenship. I have used the lessons and they are perfect.