Monday, 18 June 2012

Tool #7Reaching outside the classroom...

After talking this idea out with a teacher that I collaborate with at NBM....
Project Idea: Objective: The student will collaborate with other students in other Language Arts classrooms to design a creepy Poe poem, using multiple digital tools.

The time line for this project would be early to mid October.

Process --
1. Consume multiple scary poems, storybooks and short stories to develop topics for their own poem. Also students could listen to a CD with scary sounds to reflect this imagery in their own writing.

2. Draft their poem.

3. Choose a digital tool -- Glogster; Prezi

4. Design and produce their product.

5. Share and Present product with her classroom using Skype.


  1. I like this idea. Not sure at this point how they are working collaboratively with others. However, once they've consumed scary poems, could you use iRubric (available thru Google Apps) as a product for critique. Then, they would have the tool to use to produce.

    I would not suggest using Presi as their Terms of Service state 18 years and older. Glogster, Stupeflix, and Simplebooklet would be alternatives.

    1. the interesting thing is, I had students that already had Prezi accounts! Both in 6th and 7th grade. I don't know how they got it. But the 6th graders did it in 5th grade! So, I let them do it if they already have an account! If you go to my Edmodo account, you can use code - ot6kst - to go into it and see. They did them in other classes or at home and then posted them to the Edmodo account for me! So what do I do when they ask to be able to do that? But I really like your feedback! Thanks! Now when they view this blog they will understand something new about the restrictions. Yes, I can tell them...but they don't listen or often believe I am telling them the facts!