Monday, 18 June 2012

Tool #9 Incorporating Class-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

     It is important that students be working with technology because they will be having to use it in any job they go to. The students that like it will produce ampt-up products and be able to help others as experienced with my students this year. It allows them to be more advanced in their thinking and producing brain. Problem solving becomes easy, not a challenge, and their reasoning skills get practice. 
      Accountability = responsibility
They are learning to be good internet participants for the future. 
    I was disappointed when I visited TES iboard - it meant either a free 30 days or sign up for maybe $18.81 but it wasn't clear if this was for a year or a month. I had to convert the cost. It is not an American based website. The projects looked applicable for a LA's teacher but couldn't move forward.
     Mangahigh was for math. Great if that is what students who come in at lunch want to do.
    I have an Audible.com membership and have downloaded books for the students to listen to, but they also have to be looking at the novel, as well. I mentioned Wattpad earlier which is short stories, and even if I don't have a Kindle, I have the Kindle app and it is great for students to be reading with.
   Look at #8 for a couple of app ideas. As I explore finding more apps I will put them into this blog for "safe keeping." I still place things in the 23 Tools Blog I created in 2008 for that exact reason. It becomes my personal resource parking lot!

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