Monday, 18 June 2012

Tool #6 - Using Web tools to Promote Discussion

Google Docs was something I was beginning to have students work with at the end of the year so they can have their documents for later editing, ect. I have signed up for Today's Meet as I completed a 5 useful Tools last year with Karen Justl and will be trying to implement the use of it more this year.  I was looking at VOXOPOP and thinking that between TM and V there could be some possibility of students practicing more English Language Literacy. I love Edmodo. I started using it after signing up last year during Tech U. It is a great place for them to place their projects. I am able to make comments for them. I had students putting their Glogsters, and Prezis on it so that maybe I could give feedback and editing guidance. I have signed up for WallWisher and Diigo and want to incorporate it, as well. I just have to play around in them enough to figure out how it would be explained to students for successful implementation. Hopefully with the 8 pieces of technology we will be able to follow through with using Skype.

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