Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tool #4

Another teacher created a doc. and shared with me so that I could edit according to my needs. I shared a form that I created for an assignment tracker with another teacher at LMS and NBM. They can edit it according to their needs. I shared a doc. that I tried to paste a picture in and discovered that the picture can't be manipulated so pictures need to be brought into presentations. I also emailed a link to the form. The staff at LMS has successfully implemented the use of Google Docs through forms for ICU. I have used it with teachers at the school, NBM, and SFM. I started having students use Google Docs for projects on the computer, the only real issue was finding it even after they had started a document. Students will a choice of how to create a project using Google Docs!


  1. Great information on pasting pictures into google docs, not being able to be manipulated.

    1. Actually, today I went back in and created another document and pasted a picture in and an option comes up to choose "In line with text/ fixed position." It seems that if "fixed position" is chosen, then it can be moved. I am going to go back to the one I created before and see if I can choose to do this and it fixes the "problem."